Feel the world in terms of birds

A dose of adrenaline available to everyone!

If you have dream fly and enjoying beautiful landscapes from a height, while the kinds of nature that you want to “disappear” change under you, then you should definitely try a zipline. From the mode of transportation, which once transported cargo through a canyon and traveled to remote areas, zipline over the years has evolved into a form of green adrenalin entertainment.

This is a fun descent in the canyons on a steel cable using a special block device and a braking mechanism, while you are secured with a belt and wear a helmet and gloves. As you rush to the heights, safety and control must come first. Cables have a loading capacity of several tons, and initial training on training cables installed low above the ground, where you will experience sitting in a belt or other type of attachment, as well as a short ride along the cable is also necessary. Instructors will explain to you when and how to slow down, and considering that nothing can be left to chance, they will secure you on the cable and wait on the other side, as well as give clear instructions for each step. When children go down the zipline, they are accompanied by instructors.

This air adventure often includes short walks in nature that will reveal its beauty to you and help you easily and easily connect with it.
An unforgettable combination of a pleasant amount of adrenaline and a sense of freedom of “flight”, as well as the possibility of control and enjoying the views, will overwhelm you while traveling along the zipline. So decide and “fly!”!