Sari Khosor is located in one of Tajikistan’s mountainous beauty spots. This marvellous example of Tajik nature is situated on the Vakhsh ridge, upstream along the Surkhob river at an altitude of 1,200-1,600m. Since 1996 Sari Khosor village and Shahidon administrative centre have been part of Khatlon region’s Baljuvon district.

Sari Khosor has rich recreational resources with unique cultural and historical sites preserved giving clear insight into the lifestyle, traditions and crafts of the local people. The terrain is highly complex and varies widely from that of other regions, being flat, accumulative and of the ‘middle-mountain’ type. The terrain was formed by porous geological deposits of the Carboniferous Period. The area has both low and high mountains, but is mostly middle-sized mountains reaching 1,200-1,300m above sea level. The borders of the area range in altitude between 1,200-3,500m This indicates something of the diversity of the area’s ecological system. Sari Khosor is fed by the Surkhob, Tire, Obi Mazor, Shurobdaryo and Sharsharai Pashti Bog rivers.

The name ‘Sari Hoksor’ has an ancient history and many different meanings According to locals, the name derives from the name of the village which is located on a hill of white sand – ‘Sari Hoksor’.  As previously mentioned, Sari Hosor’s nature is unique in its beauty and diversity. Perfect harmony reigns in this absolute paradise with forests of abundant fruit tree forests on both sides of the gorge next to thick meadows and stony tracts. Water flows down the valley from high in the mountains, and there are clear springs shady nut tree groves, perennial plane trees, diverse wildlife all covered by the azure dome of the cloudless sky.

The villages in the valley are scarcely populated. Life in the villages continues on in the ancient traditions reaching back many generations. This is how the people have learned to live in harmony and peace with their environment, not fighting against it, but contributing to its transformation, not as masters, but more like cooperative children.

One of the most beautiful parts of the valley is a waterfall near the village Mulokoni. The water cascades down 50m of rocks splashing into millions of drops, shimmering in the sunlight displaying all the colours of the rainbow.